Lost in a Winter Wonderland

Here's a fun new set of photos - last week, my brother, a couple of his friends and I went for a casual hike in the Whistler area. The sun was shining, it was the perfect temperature, what could go wrong? Famous last words right there. After reaching Screaming Cat Lake, our halfway point, the trail became untracked and covered in a foot of snow... a catch, but not enough to stop us (dummies). Fast forward two hours and we're now in the alpine, far from Whistler and the trail markers have all but disappeared under the snow. We spent countless hours wandering around alpine fields and lakes looking for these tiny orange glimmers of hope (excuse the romanticism, but with darkness fast approaching, it's an accurate description). Skip ahead another hour and we are well into dusk, still gaining elevation and oh so close to meeting the trail head that turns us around and points us toward home, yet the trail markers are no where to be found. The last photo in this set is the ridge we were faced with before losing light completely. After that... we're lost in the dark of the alpine! ...Without cell service! (oh no, never mind calling for help, how are we going to instagram about our predicament?!) Having realized this is quickly becoming a semi-serious situation for our rather underprepared group, plans are hastily made and remade. Long story short, cool heads and a creek saved our day - after trudging through freezing water and knee deep snow for a few chilly hours, running into a waterfall, scaling a 50-foot ice covered cliff (no joke) we finally found the trail! Joyous shouts ensued and the remaining hour and a half hike out felt like we were walking on air, because hey, finding the trail meant we weren't going to spend the night freezing in the alpine, lost and huddled together under a tree! Mountains, turns out they're pretty big, eh? One of my trusty 35mm camera was along for the lighter part of the journey, enjoy the photos below. Remember, prepare yourself kids, or mother nature's mood swings will get you!

Love from the World Ski and Snowboard Festival

This week marks Whistler's annual ski and snowboard bonanza and four of my new prints landed on the wall of a huge group show that opened on Friday, State of the Art. If you get the chance, go check it out, it's held at Whistler conference center, open daily and FREE! That means you can go look at some incredible art and keep your hard earned pennies for beer! BEER! There are too many amazing artists in the gallery to list and this show always manages to push the limits. A bunch of the artwork, including my prints, are also for sale here ---> http://artstore.wssf.com/ <--- It's on until the 19th, go see it before you miss it!

April Desktop Calendar

Welcome back and welcome to April. I'm too late to make an April fools joke, so here's a quote by one of photography's greats, Elliot Erwitt; 

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” 

This is one of my favourite photos I've taken so far. Inspire yourself to see differently. And enjoy!

Click here to download the full resolution file.

Joel Loverin in Snowboard Canada Photo Annual

Pretty excited to see this photo I shot of Joel Loverin and the Westbeach gang of hooligans printed in the Snowboard Canada Photo Annual. Joel was backflipping over the fire originally, but broke his binding and decided to run with it - worked out great! Grab a copy and check out the issue if you get a chance, tons of great photography in there, especially the cover shot.

Kyla Coopman Band

I recently had the chance to shoot portraits of a local band during the west coast's not so wintery winter. It's great to back to some natural light after the rainy season. Working on lots more in this style, coming soon! In the meantime, get out and enjoy some sunshine.

Eastward Bound

Seeing as winter has decided to sleep in and not show up at all this year, it's time to head into the interior and see if snow is still something that exists. Fingers crossed! Here's a photo from last year that never got run, hoping to be able to shoot more of these soon... That's right, I'm looking at you, Mother Nature. Ball's in your court now.

Gotta Stay Creative

Hey everyone! Hope your new year is going well. Thought I'd share something creative me and a friend had some fun with last year. There's nothing more satisfying than taking a new idea and seeing it come to life. Even better is the experience and the good times that went into creating it. Awesome! Stay creative out there friends.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! To say the least, it's been one pretty amazing year. I'm incredibly grateful for my family and friends, new and old and the incredible opportunities I've been so fortunate to have. Here's to another year of life's adventures - have fun, work hard, say thanks and stay lucky!

Meanwhile in Canada article drops in SBC Skier

I'm pretty excited to say that the article I shot for SBC Skier last winter is out now! If you like; 1) over-sized novelty dinosaur statues 2) ironic/witty photo captions 3) guys who live in an RV 4) stories of ski guys doing ski stuffs - this might be the article for you! Go pick up a copy to check it out as well as some amazing work from the other incredibly talented writers and photographers in this issue. With words by Rob Heule and photos by me, it's bound to brighten your day.

In all seriousness though, it's a pretty big honour to have been able to be a part of this and work with such an awesome group of guys to make this story happen. Huge thanks to the boys Rob and Jay Heule, Mack Jones, Graeme Meiklejohn, haRVey, all the friends who helped us out along the way and also Jeff Schmuck at SBC. I grew up reading ski and snowboard adventure stories like these and had a crazy dream that one day I'd get involved in something of the likes... and now after a lot of hard work, here we are! Hopefully we've inspired a couple of you readers to grab some friends, get out there, adventure, step outside your comfort zone, get excited, maybe a bit scared and do something you truly enjoy doing, whatever that may be. Happy adventuring and enjoy the article!


December Cellphone Screensaver


Back again with another photo to jazz up your cellphone, here's a shot of Rob Heule from our Meanwhile in Canada article in SBC Skier. This is one of my favourite shots from the story because we took it literally in his backyard in Alberta. It's pretty awesome when a little creativity finds you shooting and having a blast right out the backdoor! Click here to download the image and get out and have fun - sometimes you don't have to look farther than your yard.

Foggy Nights, Big City Lights

Here's a mini-series I shot a couple nights ago called "Foggy Nights, Big City Lights". A thick fog rolling through my neighbourhood made a unique opportunity to show scenes of silence and emptiness in a city environment that is usually endlessly busy. Had a blast shooting these, fingers crossed for more fog!

3CS Outerwear

Last week I had the pleasure of working with the good people at 3CS outerwear for their upcoming catalog. It was a blast, it even snowed for the first time this winter in Whistler Village for us. Great timing! Here's a peek at some of the photos.