Meanwhile in Canada article drops in SBC Skier

I'm pretty excited to say that the article I shot for SBC Skier last winter is out now! If you like; 1) over-sized novelty dinosaur statues 2) ironic/witty photo captions 3) guys who live in an RV 4) stories of ski guys doing ski stuffs - this might be the article for you! Go pick up a copy to check it out as well as some amazing work from the other incredibly talented writers and photographers in this issue. With words by Rob Heule and photos by me, it's bound to brighten your day.

In all seriousness though, it's a pretty big honour to have been able to be a part of this and work with such an awesome group of guys to make this story happen. Huge thanks to the boys Rob and Jay Heule, Mack Jones, Graeme Meiklejohn, haRVey, all the friends who helped us out along the way and also Jeff Schmuck at SBC. I grew up reading ski and snowboard adventure stories like these and had a crazy dream that one day I'd get involved in something of the likes... and now after a lot of hard work, here we are! Hopefully we've inspired a couple of you readers to grab some friends, get out there, adventure, step outside your comfort zone, get excited, maybe a bit scared and do something you truly enjoy doing, whatever that may be. Happy adventuring and enjoy the article!