Lost in a Winter Wonderland

Here's a fun new set of photos - last week, my brother, a couple of his friends and I went for a casual hike in the Whistler area. The sun was shining, it was the perfect temperature, what could go wrong? Famous last words right there. After reaching Screaming Cat Lake, our halfway point, the trail became untracked and covered in a foot of snow... a catch, but not enough to stop us (dummies). Fast forward two hours and we're now in the alpine, far from Whistler and the trail markers have all but disappeared under the snow. We spent countless hours wandering around alpine fields and lakes looking for these tiny orange glimmers of hope (excuse the romanticism, but with darkness fast approaching, it's an accurate description). Skip ahead another hour and we are well into dusk, still gaining elevation and oh so close to meeting the trail head that turns us around and points us toward home, yet the trail markers are no where to be found. The last photo in this set is the ridge we were faced with before losing light completely. After that... we're lost in the dark of the alpine! ...Without cell service! (oh no, never mind calling for help, how are we going to instagram about our predicament?!) Having realized this is quickly becoming a semi-serious situation for our rather underprepared group, plans are hastily made and remade. Long story short, cool heads and a creek saved our day - after trudging through freezing water and knee deep snow for a few chilly hours, running into a waterfall, scaling a 50-foot ice covered cliff (no joke) we finally found the trail! Joyous shouts ensued and the remaining hour and a half hike out felt like we were walking on air, because hey, finding the trail meant we weren't going to spend the night freezing in the alpine, lost and huddled together under a tree! Mountains, turns out they're pretty big, eh? One of my trusty 35mm camera was along for the lighter part of the journey, enjoy the photos below. Remember, prepare yourself kids, or mother nature's mood swings will get you!